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This site is currently under construction by the WPG Community Liaison Group (CLG)
to provide a community perspective on Vision implementation.

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About the WPG CLG...

According to CityPlan Community Vision Terms of Reference, the Community Liaison Group (CLG) is a "core group" of community participants that "brings continuity and a watch-dog perspective to the process". In particular, it is the CLG's responsibility to "ensure the terms of reference, ground rules and community input are respected". The CLG also participated in preparation of the WPG Choices Survey and is tasked with "priority setting" and "monitoring" roles going forward.

For an account of CLG's perspective on the WPG Vision process and related staff recommendations to City Council, see the
WPG CLG Statement (or Appendix D of the WPG Vision available at following City of Vancouver link). Consistent with the CLG's priority setting role, the CLG Statement includes recommended WPG Vision Priorities as identified on the basis of Choices Survey support. space:

Links & Documents...

CityPlan: Directions for Vancouver
CityPlan as adopted by Council resolution on June 6, 1995.

CityPlan Community Visions Terms of Reference
Original Terms of Reference adopted in July, 1996 were substantially revised in August, 1999.
There have been several subsequent and relatively minor revisions, most recently in November, 2005.

WPG Vision webpage at City of Vancouver
Includes links to WPG Vision documents in pdf format.
Note that the Council Report was amended by Council as per CLG recommendation (see Minutes, Item # 5).

More links and documents coming soon!

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